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Hyundai Card

transcosmos’ Korean center has been contracted for the call center operations of a major Korean credit card company. transcosmos is contributing greatly to the operational expansion and pursuit of customer satisfaction.


Optimization of call center expansion, quality and operational cost resulting from a rapid increase in the number of card members


  • Using transcosmos Korea (transcosmos Group) an optimized call center that meets the needs of Korean business has been constructed
  • transcosmos offered a one-stop solution for management of operator hiring and training, even up to information security.
  • Increased in customer satisfaction by increasing call center quality and operational efficiency


Call Center Services|Services for the South Korean Market

Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

Very happy with the call center’s specialized operational knowhow and high level of management capability

Our company has outsourced the entirety of operations for its call center, rare in the Korean financial industry. The main reason for using an outside operation is because we thought by outsourcing the call center to an industry professional we could optimize both quality and cost at the same time.

We are very pleased with the overall ability of transcosmos Korea in managing a 900 seat scale inbound-outbound operation that handles everything from operator hiring and training to quality control and information security management.

We maintain a high level of growth in the Korean credit card market and think transcosmos Korea’s contribution has been quite big. We continually hope to work with transcosmos to further increase the quality and operational efficiency of the call center.

h3 spanThe contract selection criteria was a balance between cost and quality

In Korea, which is experiencing significant economic growth, there is an emphasis on “customer satisfaction” on par with or greater than that of Japan. Because of this, it is said that the call center, which is on the front lines of customer interaction, has a large impact on the value and sales of a business, and every organization is engaged in strategic developments in this area.

Hyundai Card Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Hyundai Card), a leader in the Korean credit card market with over 10 million card members, had outsourced their call center operations to an external agency since 2003. However, in responses to a rapid increase in membership, it was decided to expand call center services. Hyundai Card began to consider new outsourcing partners that balanced costs with quality and could provide a total package of facilities, operator hiring, training and operational management. As a result it was decided that Hyundai Card would outsource to transcosmos Korea Co. Ltd. (hereinafter, transcosmos Korea) a subsidiary of transcosmos Co. Ltd., a provide of call center service in Japan for many years, with offices in Seoul, Korea.

h3 spanEstablishment of a call center optimized for Korean business

transcosmos Korea, which began operating in Korea in 2001, has 8 centers in Korea, and is the largest independent call center operation with roughly 6,000 operators. Through its relationships with over 100 major Korean companies and global businesses transcosmos Korea has amassed operational knowhow in line with Korean business practices. The transcosmos Group brings about high quality services, through a synergy of its call center’s knowledge with that of local knowhow.

transcosmos Korea, which has taken on Hyundai Card’s call center operations, has implemented several programs in pursuit od “Customer Service”, which is particularly highly regarded in Korea.

Specifically, in consultation with Hyundai Card, we have adopted a basic operational policy where one person handles everything from general inquiries to credit limit increases and the upselling and cross selling of additional services in an “operator as concierge” model. In order so that all operators can learn a wide range of operations in a short time, we developed an independent training program tailored to actual operations, and conducted a one month training. In addition to learning aptitude tests conducted during the training period to judge each operator’s level of understanding, after operations began we monitored the situation using skills-development tests and strengthened the system by which managers were able to support those operators who required follow-up. Further, we implemented measures that allowed all operators to share knowledge by turning real time knowhow obtained during operational interactions into a database.

The result has been a success in the maintenance of operational efficiency and quality improvement across the entire call center. transcosmos Korea, in its customer satisfaction survey performed annually, received many positive comments such as “It saves time being able to work with the same person throughout”, “The explanations were polite and easy to understand”, and “I got connected so fast.” Further, regarding the “inbound response rate” which has such a large impact on customer satisfaction, we have vastly surpassed KPI and in only a short amount of time have reached an abandoned call rate of zero. We are confident that transcosmos Korea’s customer service improvement programs have helped Hyundai Card to achieve business expansion Hyundai card has reached 120% sales profit over last year (2011 results).

h3 spanSupport Hyundai Card’s business expansion through call center optimization

transcosmos Korea, since being contracted for operations in 2005, has undertaken an orderly expansion from 200 seats to 900 seats and from one center to two centers in step with Hyundai Card’s business expansion. transcosmos Korea will continue to support Hyundai Card’s business expansion with full effort, by offering flexible operations, and call center quality improvement and streamlining of operations going forward.

h3 spanServices provided to Hyundai Card

Services provided to Hyundai Card


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