Talent Acquisition & Development


Following the mission to bring satisfaction and great experience for customers, we support to establish your company’s CX in terms of the Human Resources - talent acquisition and development. 

From the strong support from transcosmos Headquarters and ASEAN regional office, Talent Acquisition and the Development team focuses on recruiting the Contact Center Services, delivers the qualified talents for your business, trains the customer service mindset and to be professional leaders.


Our Goals:

Human Resource is one of the key elements for successful Contact Center Services. We are always looking for Talented Candidates to jointly make breakthroughs, to deliver the excellent Human Resources Services, contribute your business growth with our professional Talent Management team.

Talent Acquisition & Development in:

  • Contact Center Services for e-commerce
  • Electronic
  • Insurance
  • Food delivery
  • Nutrition
  • Travel 
  • and so on.