transcosmos Outsourcing Services

Our Business

transcosmos Vietnam is one of the leading Business Processing Outsource service providers in Vietnam, which boasts off high quality service. We aim to achieve the highest level of accuracy and transparency by regularly tracking performance with high-skilled leadership and well-trained employees. We handle the tasks for your business to help you focus on your core competencies. 

Values of transcosmos Vietnam:
1. We aim for better service by continuous improvement.
2. We commit to deliver high quality services with reasonable cost.
3. We retain employees’ happiness to get happy customers.
4. We support your business to save your time of management.
5. We measure efficiency by customer satisfaction.


Our Services


Goals of our services

• Marketing Research Analysis
• Website Design and Operations
• Social Media
• Telemarketing
• Internet Advertisement, Promotion
• Smartphone
• EC Catalog, Online Sales Field Services

Cost Reduction

• Cost Reduction
• Distribution, Orders
• Human Resources, Accounting, Back-office
• Architectural Design, Society Infrastructure Design
• Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems Development
• Systems Development
• Help desk, Cloud, Systems Implementation, IT Asset Management
• Fulfillment
• Call Center


Contact Center Services
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Back-office 
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Document Solutions
Project Management
  • Data Management Process & Reporting Improvement
  • Performance Visualization
  • Operation Process Customization
  • On-going Service Quality Improvement Activities
  • Project Transition for New projects
  • Project Assessment COPC Framework
  • Management Workshop 
  • Manager Career Path Visualization
Digital Marketing Services
  • SCM Service 
  • Document Solution Service
  • Application Development and Operation Service
  • Infrastructure Building and Operation Service
  • Support Desk Service
  • Design and Development Support Service
  • Embedded Development and Testing Service
  • Back-office Service
  • Call Center
Engineering Solutions Services
  • Software solution service
  • Software development/engineering outsourcing service
  • Automation solution service
  • CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) modeling
  • NVH(Noise, vibration, harshness) solution
  • Crash & Safety solution
Business Development
  • Contact Center Service
    • Customer Care
    • Technical Support
    • Telesales & Tele-Marketing
    • Omni-channel customer experience management
    • Market research
    • VOC
    • Analytics
    • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
    • System Development
    • System Integration
    • Social Media Management
    • Digital Marketing Planning & management
    • Lead Generation
Talent Acquisition & Development
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Development
  • Talent Development team delivers some of the outstanding training programs are:
    • New Hirer Training Program
    • Soft skills training
    • Training programs for all levels
    • Succession Planning Program
    • transcosmos group's certification programs